Nominating Authority

Rev. Geoff has been appointed the Nominating Authority for ACSCOA and becomes ARCH REVEREND OF THE ASSOCIATED CHRISTIAN SPIRITUAL CHURCHES OF AUSTRALIA.



Dear Ministers, I look forward to our future together as we advance our association ACSCOA within the spiritual movement, based on truth and love. I am honored to continue the work as begun by my predecessors Arch Reverend Angela, Arch Reverend Don Anson-Smith and Reverend Norman Gunn.


Bright Blessings



Arch Rev. Angela Peters

Service to ACSCOA 2013-2017


Arch Rev. Don Anson Smith

Service to ACSCOA   - 2013

Rest in Peace




Reverend Norman Gunn

Service to ACSCOA

Rest in Peace

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The New Nominating Authority

To The Associated Christian Spiritual Churches of Australia is now REVEREND GEOFF KINGSLEY.

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