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The Associated Christian Spiritual Churches of Australia(ACSCOA) is a religious organization declared and recognised by the PROCLAMATION, made by, Sir Ninian Martin Stephen, Govenor General of the Commonwealth of Australia, on the 5th February,1987. The following text was published in the Commonwealth of Australia Gazette on the 24th February 1987.

The Proclamation:

I, Sir Ninian Martin Stephen, Govenor General  of the Commonwealth  of Australia, acting with the advice of the Federal Executive Council, hereby:

(a)  revoke the proclamation in force under section 26 of the Marriage Act 1961 published in the Gazette on June 19 1984: and

(b)  pursuant to that section, declare each of the religious bodies or religious organizations specified in the schedule to be a recongnised denomination for the purpose of that Act

Thus :

The ACSCOA was placed on the list of recognised Religious bodies.

The  proclamation list of Religious Bodies and organisations declared as recognised denominations under section S.26 of the Marriage Act 1961, was updated on the 22nd September,1999 by his Excellency  William Dean, the then,Governor General of Australia.

The Pledge:

I will at all times endeavour to be guided in my thoughts, words and deeds by the teaching and example of Jesus Christ.